Thursday, March 15, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day Blog Hop

Thanks for stopping by my new blog today!

I'm gearing up to celebrate St. Patty's day tomorrow. Every year my family gets together for dinner - corned beef and cabbage. We pop in an old tape of my grandfather's favorite songs, a few new Irish music cds and toast the day with a glass of Bailey's. It's an important day for me because my grandfather was born in Ireland. I have a lot of fond memories of him and miss him dearly. Celebrating Saint Patrick's Day helps keep my grandfather's memory alive. I have a lot of fun every year.

This year, as an added bonus, I'm participating in the blog hop. Leave a comment below, then join my mailing list at: and you'll be entered to win a signed copy of COME THE NIGHT - my Medieval Irish vampire novel.

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Finally, enjoy the blurb and video from my latest novel:

(Book 1 of the Paradisian Chronicles)
By Angelique Armae
ISBN: 978-0-9845151-4-1
Publisher: Diversion Books

When a Grigori prince and a demon huntress team up to find the antidote to a supernatural disease, the balance between good and evil is forever altered.

A fallen angel...
A human scholar...
A race against time...

Isabel Godfroie Heart is a Paradisian Scholar-an immortal human trained in the ways of Heaven and Hell-who's suffering from memory loss. During her last battle, a dark force erased specific portions of her past life memories. Now she remembers little of times past, save for the fact she's a demon slayer mentored by the archangel Gabriel. When ordered to a new post to help translate a volume of ancient text from a forbidden verse, Isabel is forced to work with the dark prince Nicolai Valentine, a soul who may or may not be responsible for her memory loss. If only she didn't find the tempting creature so hard to resist...

Born to a fallen angel and a mortal mother, Nicolai Valentine is a prince of the Grigorcov, the children of the fallen sons of God. Searching for the lost chalice that will save his kin from eternal damnation, Nicky unknowingly unleashes the Hadean Virus, a dark entity targeting members of the Grigorcov. Now the entity has been unleashed on man's world and Nicky's in a race against time to find the antidote that will stop this deadly parasite. But in order to keep the Hadean virus from attacking again, Nicolai must enlist the help of Isabel Godfroie Heart, the Paradisian Scholar he was unable to save from the wrath of Hell centuries ago...

Available now at: and

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Thanks and have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!